Lake Cuyamaca Channel Catfish

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    In late July I went to Lake Cuyamaca near Julian to catch trout and sad to say I got skunked trying to fish for trout. As I was about to leave the lake I saw two older gentlemen rigging thier poles up for catfish, and they were using shrimp with the red guts that you get from the asian markets. They threw their lines in the water and within 5 minutes they had a bite, however; the catfish kept breaking off their lines and when I saw this I wanted to get in on the action so I changed the rigging on my pole from troutfishing to catfishing, but the heaviest line I had in my box was 10 pound test. They gave me some of the shrimp and as soon as I threw my line in the water I got bit. It was a struggle and luck that I landed this 15 pound moster on light line. I had numerous bites the rest of the day, but only landed the one because they kept breaking me off. Lake Cuyamaca has some giant catfish, and no one really fish for them up their. Has anyone had any good luck fishing for catfish at lake cuyamaca.:confused2:
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    not too many people know anything about cats at that lake. also there are sturgean in there.

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    Thanks for the report and welcome to the board Lowedog.

    Let those cats run until they get tired. The only time a fish should be breaking you off is if they swim into a snag and get stuck. Good luck and keep us posted on your future catches.