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    Hello there to all floridians that fish on a lake, i like this new website! We fish from a dock on Lake Dora in Lake county, been doing a lot of fishing but not much catching :rolleyes: , but finally got up early enough one morning to catch a 5lber guess thats the way to go in the summer, but whew thats early:)sure have caught a bunch of turles this summer but that hopefully will change.
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    Hey Kityhill, Hang in there and keep tryin. There are some good channel cats in lake Dora. Try putting on some skeeter repelent and fish after dark with cut bait or commercial cat bait.

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    Wedgefield, SC
    Kittyhill, I saw a catfish lasso'ed off the dock at the lisbon dam. of course I tried to make a friend throw it back, not fair ya know! anyway I never let him count it. I still outfished him that nite. LOL