Lake Conroe Channel catfish

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    Texas Fish and Game magazine has an article in it this month about lake Conroe. Apparentle it has the highest Channel Cat population in the state of Texas with the surveyors claiming to have released at least 2 33 inch 30 plus pound channels there here recently in gill net surveys. State record is 38 inches long 36.5 pounds and the Lake Record is 15.5 lbs.

    Its an interesting article and there are some other catfish articles in this issue too so may be worth checking out.
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    And I only get 22" ones out of L. Houston, oh well. I've fished Conroe for cats once, caught two nice ones, then a storm came in and had to hightail it out. Only fished for about 20 minutes before the storm. Since you bank fish, you may want to go up to Cagle campground on FM 1375. Its a Nat'l Forest campground and has quite a bit of bank. Also, you can walk over to the bridge and fish the careful of where you park on 1375 near the bridge, there's a lot of no parking signs.