Lake Columbia

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  1. whisker maniac

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    Has anyone on here ever fish lake Columbia for cats. I've heard a couple of years ago that there were some good uns in there but have never tried to go fishin for them. I have put trotlines on Columbia before for channels and done well but have never tried blues or Flats.
  2. Fireman4c

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    Well there kinda hit and miss. I have fished it for the last frw years and never caught a flathead. Limb lines do real good for blues and high fins but never a real big one. Really its a waste of time. If you want to catch real good cats in this area you need to go a little more SE about 20 miles to Lake Erling. I have had a camp on Erling for about a year now and have caught lots of flat heads on my limb lines and nodles and have a blast every time I go. They will start biting real good in about 3 weeks. 1 guy I talked to this weekend told me he caught a 53lb flat on a limb line with big goldfish. Got my hopes all up so I spent all weekend down there and only caught 3 crapie and 2 blues with goldfish. O well im ready for the next time!!!!

  3. CountryHart

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    I went to college in Magnolia and caught alot of eatin size cats from Columbia but i agree Earling is a much better choice. I use to fish Bodcaw some below Earling and caught some nice flatheads below Earlings dam. It's Ark. for close to a mile i would say before bodcaw goes into Louisiana and the only boundary is a line painted thru the woods. The boys at Steves marine in Magnolia can give you a update on the bite if you'll call them.