Lake Chickamauga blue catfish & skips 2-23&24

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    Cleveland TN
    Yesterday and today I caught 29 blue cats, largest 15#, most around 10, only 3 under 5# and dropped or broke off all 5 big fish that hit - I hate it but there are just days like that. They are still tightly schooled and hard to find and all came out of 50' of water on cut bait. The really exciting news is that the skipjack are starting to show up, caught 23 on an in-line rig using 3 white crappie jigs tied about 12-15" apart. Caught triples (all 3 jigs) twice, and of course lost a fair number at the boat. It's good news for those of us who are about out of bait and have been eyeballing the wife's poodle and wondering if those four drumsticks would make good bait.:roll_eyes: :eek:oooh: :lol:

    I'll report again soon. Big fish and good fishing!
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    Thanks for the report.

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    thanks for that info. it helps to know where they were at and what they were doing even if it was a month ago. im excited about spring fishing, and the fact that the bait if beginnning to move around.