Lake Catherine, Ouachita River below Remmel Dam - THANK YOU!

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    This is a THANK YOU to the man and his family that helped me this Sunday while fishing below Remmel Dam. I had been fishing for a few hours without too much luck, and decided to move up river just below the dam after I watched some vehicles pull out . A man and several of his family had been fishing there a for awhile, just a little farther down. They watched me pull up, get out, and tote by gear down the bank. I set up my chair, opened my hook box, and tied on a new rig. Then they watched as I baited up with a piece of shrimp, and cast out into the fast moving current. It wasn't just a minute until they moved up the bank with a throw net pulling in shad...several were the much larger Gizzard Shad. I watched them as I wished I had brough my own net, but I was coming back from a trip to Malvern, and only threw my pole and gear in the car as an afterthought...wasn't sure I'd really get a chance to fish. Much to my great surprise the man walked up to me and asked if I'd "like to try a shad?" My reply was; "You bet!" Never look a gift of shad in the mouth...or something like that I baited one up, and asked if he'd like to put the rest in a bucket...I thought he was catching more bait for himself, and I did have my minnow bucket in the car, just not my throw net. Even more to my surprise, I learned he was catching the bait for ME! He'd seen me bait up with a shrimp, and didn't think anyone should have to suffer when there were shad to be had! I humbly gave him my thanks, but just then my line got tangled, and he walked back to his own poles before I got a chance to ask him his name. I stood there pulling, and jerking on my pole trying to get it free, as a young man and woman who I guessed were his older children gathered up the rest of the bait that was flopping and flipping on the bank. Just then my old pole snapped in half, and the air went out of me, and I sort of deflated like a fat balloon with a slow leak. My two helpers came up to me as I was wrapping the line around the broken end of the pole, getting ready to break the line free. They asked me if I had another pole, and as I said that I did not, what I was going to do? I asked where the nearest Walley World was, not sure if I should drive back to Malvern, or on into Hot Springs, and thanked them again for the bait as I packed my gear back to the truck.
    Talk about disgusted! There I was with a bait bucket full of fresh shad, but no pole to fish with. It was that rotten feeling in my gut, and thoughts of what I was going to do...whether buy a new pole to continue fishing, or head on back home...that occupied my mind as I drove away, instead of going to and thanking the man once again for his generousity. Sir, if by some off chance you're reading this, you have my sincerest gratitude! Every once in awhile something like this will happen, some small act of kindness, or human decency that fills me with hope, and makes me think maybe this old world isn't going to Hell after all.
    I never got back down to the river. I drove all the way back to Hot Springs...checked both Walley Worlds, and started to check the new sporting goods store over off Henderson Ferry...but they closed just as I pulled up. Not finding what I wanted, I decided to watch a movie while I was in town, and then just head home. Luckily I did, because I was beat, and went to sleep when my head hit the pillow....but I wanted to do this one thing today, to send a thanks to a man I might not ever meet again. Even if he never reads it, to the rest of you I wish good will, and good fishing. Let's all remember to take care, and watch out for each other out there!
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    Great People

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    That is a good story, Hard to find good folks, but they are out there. That fella, is a true fisherman. :wink:
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    Thanks for sharing that story it is nice to now there is good kind people out there, by no means looking for a pat on the back but puppypal and I every weekend we go fishing if we see someone in need of bait we share and @ the end of the day if we see some family or some one in need of a meal we give them the fish we catch. there is no need in over filling your freezer when you can fill a stomach of someone how need it.:smile2: