"Lake Camanche Info"?

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    Hey Guys,
    I got a quick question for you guys out there that you guys may can help me with, you see the family members are going camping up to Lake Camanche at the end of this month & I understand that you are no longer allowed to use "Live Bait" there. I was just wondering if anybody out there know more about this? - & if so - Could you tell me the reason for this?
    "Oh Yea"
    I also found out that you can not use Live Bait at San Pablo Res. ether.
    I haven't fish those places in years but I was just wounding to give the family the heads-up before they go out there & have to deal with the Game Wardens.

    He is the news piece on it:

    Welcome to Lake Camanche
    June 28, 2009
    Due to new regulations established by the East Bay Municipal Utility District, Lake Camanche and San Pablo Reservoir will no longer allow the use of live bait (with the exception of nightcrawlers). Furthermore, we will also be discontinuing the sale of live bait from our marinas. We will continue to carry nightcrawlers, power bait, and assorted frozen baits. Comments and questions on this new policy can be directed to

    Any News will be :0a31:
    Thanks Gang & Take It Easy, :cool2:
    Bert (Shania)
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    Sounds pretty cut and dried to me.

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    I don't know much about the rules and regs, but Camanche is a cool lake. I caught a fat rainbow there before. They even have the little ponds you can fish. I believe there is catfish, bass, and trout ponds there. But I tell ya what, we can still use live bait in Mendota buddy.:wink:
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    maybe they are afraid that like the waterdog scare, the live bait will get loose and fornicate with the native bait fish and ruin the fishery? :wink:
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    Camanche requires all water vessels (boats, jet skis, etc.) to get a mussel inspection prior to launching. They are pretty strict as they don't want this invasive species to be introduced to the lake.

    Minnows (live bait) are not allowed because it is very possible that a person bringing live bait to the lake could unknowingly introduce the dreaded zebra mussel larvae into the lake. If the minnow bucket has water in it, the water could have the mussels in it.

    Same goes for a livewell on a boat. If your boat has ANY standing water in it when they do their inspection, you will be turned away. They also might make you lower your engine to see if you have standing water in the prop hub.

    Good luck out there Shania. I was there back in May. I drifted up 3 channel cats up to about 6 pounds on the North shore side.

    Are you staying at the North shore or the South shore?
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    Hey Randy,
    Sad to say - But I'm not going up to Lake Camanche with them :sad2: - Due to the fact that they are all going up there on the 31st thru the 2nd of next month, and I have to be at work on the 2rd.
    So, I hate to say that, I'm got to miss out on this trip.
    Just trying to get some information on it for them &
    I told them that I maybe I could get more info on it on the B.O.C. from some of the California Members.

    But Thanks to all of you guys for your feed-back on this. :big_smile: