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    Got around late Friday afternoon and decided to make a run to Lake Brewer ( just north east of Morrilton), hadn't been on it this year and heard it was low and wanted to look it over while low. Took my catfish'n gear and my son and headed out about 5 PM. Got to the lake, it is low, but its up a little from where it was and you can launch now. Roamed around a little and settled on a spot to catfish just before dark. Got 4 poles out with liver and cut perch and sat back. Didn't tear'm up but caught a few fry'n sized channels, my son got bored and dug out his bass outfit, tied on a black spinnerbait and went to chunk'n towards a small point, on the 4th or 5th cast set the hook and hollered net, caught a 71/2 lb spawned out bass that I bet would
    a went close to 9 full of eggs, it was a nice night to be out, cool and not many bugs and very few other fishermen. If ya hit Brewer watch your running, its about 12 feet low and the west side is really shallow.
    Anyone else cat fish Brewer, I've bass and crappie fished it since it was damed, but plan on catfish'n it some this year.
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    Samh, thanks for the update. I have not been out in a while as soonas I go I will give you all an update.:embarassed: :embarassed: