Lake Brandt

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  1. Catfish15novice

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    Anybody fish on Lake Brandt. Any good cats?
  2. riddleofsteel

    riddleofsteel New Member

    Brandt has some cats. We catch channels there but fishing for them is kinda hit or miss. In hot weather they often stack up suspended and unless you find the depth you will spend a LOT of time sitting there.
    In cold weather the cats will feed on the bottom especially near structure. Take different types of bait, If they do not take cut shad try shrimp, or red meat like beef heart or venison scraps.
    Brandt has night fishing in the summer, one day a week until 10:00 or so. There are a lot of bass fishermen out at the same time and about the time the cats start biting it is time to go in.
    We have good luck catching bait there. Shad are abundant.

    Do not overlook Lake Higgins as a cat lake. There are channels and white cats there and we often pull in 12 to 15 LB fish from that lake.