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    What the limits for catfish on Bisyeneau, are noodles, trotline ok.

    New Here!

    What is the best size "eating" tasting catfish. I have been told anything over 10 lbs is not good?

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    John, Welcome to the BOC!
    Louisiana catfish limit is 100/day. I find that fish >8 or so pounds are a little greasier than smaller fish and aren't quite as good. I filet all my cats and, particularly if they are larger than 3-4 lb I cut off a fat rind along the top their backbone. It is readily apparent since it looks a little different from other meat. This brings them closer to smaller ones in taste. I also make sure that the filets are cut fairly thin if I am going to fry the fish. Our fish are caught in the Mississippi River and may be extra fat on account of that. It would be very rare to keep one over ~8 lb but then we catch quite a few. If we have a bad day fishing, our "slot limit" sometimes widens:smile2:.
    Noodling, if you are referring to hand fishing is not allowed in La. Trot and other lines are allowed. We fish with rod and reel though.
    Good luck. Note the posting from Ed S in the Baton Rouge section about baiting a hole. That may work great in the lake.
    Take care.

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    Welcome to BOC, John. You will learn a lot here. Lots of good people and information.