Lake Belton 12/9, 12/10 report

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    I have had the urge to try and catch a large stringer of crappie. The problem is I'm not good at it. I spent most of the day sat. riding around trying to locate some crappie. I went all day without a single bite. As I saw a hole that looked great to catfish I stopped and baited it with range cubes I ended up with four nice spots baited, so I ditched the crappie plan about 4pm and loaded a hook with danny kings punch bait. Boy am I a sucker for the whisker fish. I caught about 3 nice size channels and my personal best blue cat. I don't catch alot of blues due to the style I fish so this was a bonus. The blue was aprox. 7lbs. 5pm rolled around and I figure I didn't want to load the boat in the dark by myself. Here lately my no good buddies have been chaising duck and I just don't have the drive to do so, plus I just bought a new boat so its like a new toy, I want to use it and we don't have much water for the ducks. Anyway thanks to the cats I salvaged a really crappy crappie trip.
    I got stood up by a partner who couldn't get out of bed. So I had to wait on a buddy who was hunting so we did not get out on the water until 11am We pulled up to the first spot. stayed about a hour and then moved on cause all we were catching where little fish. Moved out to some deaper water and started catching some keeper fish. I hooked onto a 40lb buffalo carp that was alot of fun. My friend had to get off the water at 3pm so we cut the day short. had 10 keepers off that last spot. not to bad for a few hours of fishing.

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    sounds like ya'll had a good time!