Lake Bastrop 11-21-09

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    Headed out to Bastrop Saturday for some much needed practice for the upcoming gathering. Met with a good friend who will be coming up for the gathering. It was raining when I first got there, then settled down with a light N/NE wind and overcast. First couple of drifts produced nothing, kept moving and managed to find a place where one of the rods started diving. My buddy took on the first fish and boated a 5.74# channel. Had a couple of other fish in the 2-3# range. Ended the day with 5 cats ans one slot LMB. The cats pulled the scale down to just a little over 16#. All fish came on cut gizzard shad from my supply out of the freezer, in 30-40 feet of water.

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    Thats great Lonnie. Tawakoni is definately heating up, I posted my weekends results in the gathering thread. Can't wait to meet yall at the gathering.