Lake Bartlett and braided line

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    How's it going everyone. I went out to Bartlett Monday. We caught a couple gills and about 15 carp 12 - 18 inches. I was fishing off shore in SB cove and had no bites. I'm taking the boat out Mon and Tues so wish me luck. Andy, , if I remember right you said you didn't have any luck in the river. Is that right? River or main lake?? I'm kinda up ion the air as to where they might be this early. About that braided line. I've got a few questions. I went to sportsmans today and the guy laughs at me when I tell him I've lost fish in the rocks at Bartlett with my braided line and was thinking about spooling up some mono on one of my reels. Last year in one night at Bartlett i lost 3 big fish in the rocks on 85 lb braided. Does mono hold up in the rocks better than braided? If so, what test should I use?? Thanks for the help fellas.
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    I would say that if the braid is gettin cut up then mono doesnt have a chance. Maybe the mono stretch will give you a little more time to get off the rocks

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    I can't really answer that question.. I have been told to use mono to avoid getting cut off.. So that is what I will try this weekend..

    * Tried fishing the river two weeks ago, but could not find any bait..
    * I'd say, if you can find bait, fish the river and look for holes..

    * I am going to stick with the main lake, the bite should be heating up soon.

    Good luck.
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    Micah, howdy long time the braid is not as good with the rocks Maxima Ultra Green 30#-40# is the best to me for main and leader. The thiness of the braid work against itself when being torqued on by you and the cat. The mono will frey and break also but stands a better chance as I have caught some nice one and worked them through the rocks by letting them have free line and rome out of the rocks. I've had 15 feet of freyed line with the mono so check way up your line so you don't cast out freyed line. I'm on days and my arm is getting stronger after surgery. Still have Sun-Tue off. Later dude.
    May you have a Grey Goose time. :cool2: td