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Lake Barkley Q&A's

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I hope to get down to barkley dam soon for some more skipjacks :cool: .
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question for all you kentucky brothers.
whats up with all the hot weather you are having?i am coming to barkley
for a week starting labor day,expecting to have some nice cool fall nights
like you normaly do.from what i have been seeing on your weather its as
hot up there as it is here in florida.its so hot here the blackbirds are getting
ready to fly north and the sea gulls are coming with or cold its
still going to be good to get back to the good ole bluegrass state and fish
my favorite lake.
It may get cooler before then, but I wouldn't count on it,LOL. We have been waiting on that for a while now, with no luck.
I expect you will have nice weather for your trip here. Days will be warm/hot and the nights will have started to cool off some. Fish should be starting to move some at night into the shallow water to feed.

WELCOME back and good fishing to you.

What part of barkley do you plan on fishing?
Thanks for the info.We will be lodging at eddy creek marina,I now have a
newer faster boat and will be able to explore more area.Any sugestions?
How far are you from eddyville?We always go into town for our big meal
for the day,if you are able to meet,lunch is on me.
Thanks for the invitation. As much as I would like to join you it is almost impossible at this time. The wife and I are caring for my very ill 89 year old mother and our plate is full.

Capt---I would try drifting the drop offs at the mouth of Eddy Creek and the old Lock and dam isnt that far from where you will be staying(right in front of the penetentiary(sp). Both are good fishing holes.

BE WARNED!!!!!!! The lake levels are way down and it would be prudent to stay in the marked channels from now until the spring rise in the water levels.

P.S. If you are out at night---try the old roadbed that runs from the bridge out to the main lake at night. There should be about 5-6 feet of water over it now and could pay off pretty well at night.
thanks for the info i know where you are talking about.sorry we cant meet up
this trip,might be able to get together next time up your way. :)
Capt Kirk---With all the rain we have had in the last couple of days Little River where I live is a fast flowing MUDHOLE !(Too thick to drink and too thin to plow) I hope that the Eddy Creek area is better and your vacation goes well. Even with the added rain it seems as if the lake is still dropping some, be careful and stay in the channels when possible.
Just got back from our weekly all night fishing trip. The storms really seemed to have helped. Had several runs and hookups, managed to land two flats one 43lb and one 55lb also one 10lb channel cat. The 43lb was caught on cut skipjack the other flat and the channel hit live bluegill. Had one gill out that wasn't hit all night, it was still alive this morning so the oxegen level must be up as last few weeks bait was dying in less than a half hour.
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Barkley or Ky Griz? Water levels here are now back above summer pool and Little River looks like a mudhole. I think that most of Christian County must have washed down the river.
Hey Shadow, They were caught at the outlet of a small lake that flows into Barkley over on LBL. You are right, half the county did wash into Little River.
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HUUuusssH Griz. You are fixin to let the cat out of the bag on the fishin hole. :crying:
12 "eaters" last night in a couple of hours fishing from my dock with chicken livers. Not too shabby for an old guy with nothing else to do.
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Well, This old fart has fished the last two nights with absolutely NOTHING to show for it except a few turtles. One good thing about chicken livers--it is one of the few baits that I can eat myself if I dont catch fish on them
Got some nice channels out of Barkley last night on live bluegill. Seems the flatheads have quit again, think we need another good rain. The lake is dropping fast that might have something to do with the fish not biting. I think next week we may go back to fishing in the main channel.
it is a good thing we did not plan to meet,got to indiana to visit the kids,
caught some kind of bug,got sicker than a dog.i had to call eddy creek marina
with just 2 day notice to cancel reservation,told them about my problem
normaly ther is no refund of deposit on that short of notice,they fully understood the problem and offered a refund ,i asked them if they could just
keep it on file for 2006,they did not have any problem with that.the folks that
own eddy creek marina are good people and that is why we keep going back.
if i could find a double wide with a garage i would move up to that area in
a heart beat,some of the finest people i know are in kentuckey.i told my wife
she would have to do most of the driving back to florida so i put my boat in
my son in laws garage and hauled my donkey home.if you happen to hear of
some thing for sale with not much ground please let me know,i would love to
have an up to date real estate listing for that area,can you advise on how
to get one?im feeling much better now,except for missing week of fishing.
e.mail is [email protected] :sad:
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Capt Kirk---You will shortly have mail in your box from [email protected].
My neighbor came in today with a NICE string of channels. Must have been 35-40 fish up to 10lbs or so. He caught them jugging in Little River. Used cut shad for bait.
Hey Shodow are you doing any good on the lake yet for fiddlers?

BIGCAT GarryEads
I really havent had the time to fish all that much. My 89 year old Mom is hospitalized and we have been traveking back and forth to Madisonville every day to see her.

I figure that as soon as the water cools a bit the fish will turn on pretty well.
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