Lake Barkley around Eddyville, KY

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    Stanton, KY
    I am trying to plan some trips to Lake Barkley, and was wondering if the area around Eddyville has some good prospects for large Flatheads from the bank. Was looking at this area, since I have a large family (7 of us) and there is a rather inexpensive lodging area there at the old Eddyville schoolhouse (Fisherman's annex of the Harbor House BB --- $300 for the week). The description of the area sounds good ... ruins / ruble off the shoreline, and old stone walls extending in the water......but I really have no clue. Hope some of the area experts might help me out with some good advice for that area.

    Be fishing from the bank and taking the 'ol fishing canoe. Always wanted to see if a big cat could get me on plane...lmao.

    I'll be making a scouting trip to the area before to long.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Chris, not to sure about the fishing right in that area but there is a good waterpark in the area for the family depending on the time of year you go. Also if you like some good food you need to try Patties 1880's settlement its right in that area. 2" thick pork chops. Its a little pricey but worth it. The wife will really like it. Make up for all the fishing you are planning. I live in Clarksville, Tn and i usually go to the steam plant in Cumberland City. If you check with the guys in the Kentucky section that have a long running post about Tuesday nite fishing they might be able to help you with all your questions. I believe they go by the Tuesday Nite Red Tails. Good Luck