Lake Badin

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  1. j simpson

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    went to badin sat. night.I want to thank everyone for their advise especially tomahawk.also want to thank my neighbor Dane Caudle who went with me to show me alot about badin he has fished it for years mainly striper fishing also what he knew about catfishing,he caught a 31 lb. flatt head and a 13 pound blue and I caught a 28 pound blue, we also caught 2 other small blues and we missed several. Jeff

    will try to figure out how to attach pics later
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    Kannapolis, NC
    sounds like fish were biting everywhere Sat. night. I was on Tillery and got 6 flats 12, 12, 15, 18, 28, and 30 lb. fish. one blue that went 17 lb. missed several other flats that came unglued under the boat. One of 'em was well over 40 lb. as I had to thumb the spool to get him to move off the bottom. You figure he ate a 10" perch so he had an appetite. see ya