Lake Badin wednesday night

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    I fished wednesday and it was a beutiful evening and night . I had no luck with shad and tried to find perch but there were people all around the dam and the current was pretty swift And I wasn't real sure how the best way to get all the way up there. I think it was right through the middle of all them but I wasn't sure and it would have been a pretty tight squeeze.Any way I used brim for bait. Caught one channel about 4lbs at about 8.00pm . Moved a couple of times and had three more short runs but not even long enough to get the rod out of the holder. One run was on live bait and everything else on cut bait.Fished till about 2.00am it was pretty slow but had fun. You guys sure make it sound easy catching 10 and 12 fish . What track does most people run going to the dam ? Any hidden rocks in the way. I was going to use my trolling motor going up but there was enough current it wasn't strong enough.
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    ususally when they are pulling a good amount of water you can get bait on the right hand side all up through there and dont have to go all the way up. yes there is some hidden rock right before the concrete wall. you got to hung that right hand bank to clear it. its right under the water too. we all have them nights sometimes you just got to get mad, go back and get even.