Lake Badin report March 30th

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Well trying to get bait this morning was alot of work. I anchored in the first palce and caught several channels and missed two stripers. My second place I did better. I caught 3 stripers 5-10lbs and a 20-22lb flathead. Those stripers this morning were really agressive. They burned out alot line when hooked. That flathead was a blast also. Never caught a flathead in 57* water. All fish were caught on cutbait. It was really nice out there this morning. Perfect temp. Not that many boats either. See-ya.
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    North Carolina
    Not a bad morning of fishing. Good to hear the flatheads have started up.

  3. CMJ

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    Sounds like the stripers are heating up too...:cool2: