Lake Badin May25th

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    Well the flats are bitting pretty good this week. Yesterday I got 15 of them from 3-15lbs. This morning I went out with my neighbor and about caught about 10 flats. The fish today were alittle bigger. The three bigger ones were 12,20,25lbs. Alot of fish coming off of floatrigs. Also tried something different today. When it got alittle slow about 0800 I pulled out a rod with a spinnerbait with a rubber minnow. On the first cast I hooked a 10lb flat, I couldn't believe it. Also caught a 3 and a 12lber on it before I lost the lure. Been having alot of fun out there latly. Hopefully I hook into that gaint flat Iam looking for . For how many Iam catching, I now he's out there. See-ya.