Lake Badin blue catfish

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  1. BUCK

    BUCK Guest

    where are the blue catfish at badin now ?? up or down the lake Deep or Shallow
  2. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    A guy at the camp ground jugged a few 20-30s near the golf course. I caught several 8-10s up river on rod & reel. :confused2:

  3. gearhead

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    China Grove, NC
    If theres not current stay out in the main lake fish the ledges off the main channel with cut fresh blue herring or shad .If there is some current find the first deep hole down from the dam fish with the same bait then CPR the blues eat the channels and post some pictures for us.:wink:
  4. BUCK

    BUCK Guest

    thanks for the info. i only get to fish the weekends how do i know if the theres a current? And were do you get fresh herring ? thanks for info this going to help so much
  5. Tomahawk

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    The herring are usally up river by the dam in the warm months. Usally from April to Nov. On BAdin shad work just as good in the cool months. It's about time for some of those gaint blues to start bitting up there. Can't wait for that.