Lake Badin accident

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    Old Whitney was still closed today at 1 PM when I got there due to the ongoing search. Around 5 PM they were still waving off boat traffic around old whitney area on the water. The Observer stated it was two teams in an all night bass Tx, that were involved in the crash. I hate hearing about these crashes on the lakes and think some respect and etiquette would prevent alot of these types of accidents. I doubt alcohol played a part in this because it was a Tx, but speed was probably a considerable factor. Here's the link to the story at the Observer.
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    We canceled our outing there for tonight due to this accident.

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    That one sounds like a needless tragedy that is a result of sheer stupidity!

    I regret the man lost his life and his friends and family are suffering the loss.

    I wonder if he and his team mate were aware they both had him on not only a fish event but a very possible suicide mission as well? Traveling 20 mph on that water at night, no life vest on, and not being able to swim, definitely a suicidal mix.

    We all NEED to use common sense and wear PFDs., operate watercraft sensibly, and try to watch out for others out there that may not be operating responsibly, no matter what time of day or night.
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    Sad, but not surprising at all. :confused2:

    First, my bet is that they were travleing at far more than 20mph. I have seen more than one bass boat in a nigth tournament zip down the lake at 40-50mph. You are running on faith at that speed.

    Running at 20mph is not that big of a deal on waters with sufficient light polution from nearby cities. Lake Wylie and Norman are both lakes where running at that speed under the right conditions is not a problem.

    Of course there are places where that is just plain dumb. Mudkip and myself were in a tournament on Wateree a few weeks back and it was cloudy and rainy and we rolled back down that lake at 7 mph because neither of us could see. There were a couple of times where you could not make of where the water met the trees. I would bet that since Badin is a remote lake, and since it was cloudy last night, that running 20mph on that lake is taking a significant risk.

    When I run at night I ALWAYS wear a life vest. There are many things that I can control, but there are too many more that are out of my control. Stumps, logs, boats without lights, boats with drunks driving, they are all things that I can not prevent.

    The next question will be whether the tournament organization get sued over this. :confused2:

    My hope and dream is that EVERYONE will be required to complete a boater safety coarse and have a license on hand to operate a boat on NC lakes.
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    Me and Catrod just left at 3:00 am... You definitely dont like to here stories like that anywhere. Very sad..
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    well thats like fri night when i was fishing inmy spot on the yadkin ucould see a boat running wide open then a big bang then useen it limping to shore i think they lost the bottom end of their motor. but people dont pay attention to what they are doing when they are outonthe wateralot of times 90% ofthe time if im out in the boat after dark the boat is staying put until the sun comes back up
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    at night time around garr creek its very hard to see a boat in the middle of the lights in the cove. the cove has alot of lights and when you are going into that cove tring to pick a boat light out of all the street lights is hard to do. even at a idle speed its still hard to see. i dont know exactly where this took place and still no excuse for it. i have fished badin at night in that area while a bass tour. was going on. alot of bass boats flock to that cove. they run just as fast at night as they do in the day time. that whole cove is no wake from what i seen with the buoys. sorry to hear about this.