Lake Badin 6/30-7/1

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    I camped on Badin this weekend with my son and we had a ball. After setting up Fri. night and getting some nice bait at the dam, I went and tried striper fishing since I heard they were wearing 'em out on leadcore. i used downrods and freelines with small threadfins and we got 7 stripers total and several channel cats. The two biggest stripers were 7.5 and 6 lb. It sure wsa fun. Lost a hawg Fri night. He pulled 4 eyes of my Ugly Stick in the water and peeled drag like a champ. He wrappe dup tow of my other down rods and spit the hook right under the boat. He would have been a nice one. He hit a 8" herring. Also got some perch. Never got a chance to get the cat rods out. linesiders kept us busy. It was fun!