Lake Badin, 6/27

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    Started out by getting bait in gar greek , enough gizzard shad around docks and piers. It was slow fishing, I marked some good fish but all we got were a couple of small blues and a few whites. It was tough, sun bearing down, and not much of a breeze. The water temp was in the mid 80's. Wasn't much boat traffic at all . I 've heard norman called the dead sea, I believe it was Badin yesterday...:smile2:
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    Tobaccoville NC
    Badin has been like that to me since it turned hot. But others catching good fish. I don't know when they have lock jaw and when there on. cause my fishing went down hill back in May. lol I guess I'll have to grease my trailer wheels an go somewhere besides Badin to catch fish. No I dont believe that. I fished Badin first time in December, fished it regular (weekends) til now. when it was cold I couldnt go wrong. something different now?

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    I think its normal for this time of year, with the spawn, and water temps going up. It's still not impossible to get some good ones if you can figure out the thermocline, find the fish and set your slip corks the right depth. If we could get a lot of rain, that would help, but that wouldn't be likely this time of year. There's always somebody that will get a good one, we don't hear about all of them.