Lake Arcadia

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    General Information About Arcadia Lake

    Arcadia Lake is a relatively young body of water. This lake was constructed as a cooperative effort between the City of Edmond and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and opened in 1987.

    The normal elevation of Arcadia Lake is 1006 feet with a surface area of 1,820 acres. It is surrounded by 26 miles of shoreline. The dam itself is a rolled earth earthfill embankment nearly a mile long. At maximum capacity the lake has an elevation of 1029.5 feet and a surface area of 3,820 acres.

    Arcadia Lake serves many functions:

    1. It supplies water to the City of Edmond.

    2. It acts as a flood control for the Deep Fork River Basin.

    3. It provides recreational and educational opportunities for the community. AND

    4. It provides habitat for fish and wildlife.

    Arcadia Lake, like Edmond, rests in a part of Oklahoma called the Cross Timbers. It is an unique environment where grasslands intersect with a forest on a bed of red soil. The range of many animals come together in this area giving the Cross Timbers a variety of wildlife unseen in other parts of the country. This is a place where North meets South and East meets West - the Crossroads of America! The Educational Programs at Arcadia Lake focus on the diversity of plant and animal life in the Cross Timbers.