Lake Arcadia

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  1. cat_daddy1

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    I just figured we needed a thread on Arcadia for use okie city boys. Also I was wanting some tips for the lake seeing as I havn't caught a cat there yet.:confused2:
  2. fishinphenom

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    I went out there yesterday morning.. The crappie have definately started to come in a lil closer to the bank.. I fished from about 10am to about 2pm and caught lots of lil tiny crappie.. with 2 of them being over 10 inches.. also caught 1 channel cat big enough to skin, bread and throw in a frying pan

    Caught quite a few black crappie and saw a few other people catching some channel cats pretty close to the banks around the indoor dock and the boat ramp dock.

  3. fr8dog

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    Arcadia is a GREAT lake for cats. I usually bank fish summer evenings from dark to midnight or 1 AM. SHAD!!! Net them near the beaches. (WARNING!! You can't fish "on the beach". Netting is fishing. Some cops might just possibly write you up for that. Don't ask how I know that.)

    Folding chair, cooler of beverages, throw cut shad into 6-8 feet, and enjoy. Most will run 2-3#, can plan on some 5's. The hotter the water, the better it is.