Lake Aquila in Texas...what are the crappie biting on ?

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by lawnman61, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. lawnman61

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    A friend asked me about crappie at lake Aquila in Texas today about what they are biting on and I told him I would ask the BOC and see if there is a good answer to his question. I haven't fished that lake in a long time, so I didn't know the answer but only gave him advise on what I would use out there. He was wondering if artificial bait was better than live bait this time of year.
    Can any of the brother help with this quetion please ?

  2. Gringoloco

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    I havent fished that lake but I have fished alot of lakes for Crappies and they are mostly the same. I use feather jigs setup on two hooks and a bobber, and also use regular grub lures from the shore. Out on a boat though I found that minows work the best. Just set them up on the same double hook rig without the bobble and drop the line in the water. Watch the fish finder and see where they are at, reel up to that depth and you will start getting alot of hits.

  3. mskittyfish

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    Hey Lawnman! Im not sure where Lake Aquila is...ya sure its not Lake Tequila? lol....Im in northeast Texas and have fished several of the lakes around here. We have been tearing up the Crappies using a 6-8 pd test line (the lighter line is harder for the fish to see...if they see yur line they dont wanna grab the bait) and using a double hook jighead set up with a blue and white skirt with a bobber. Last weekend we caught 160 crappie in 3 days! There was a small group of us out there and we couldnt catch em fast enough. The fish were mostly 2 - 3 pounds too! Heck, we even caught a big bass and a big catfish on the jigs! Was unreal....try this and I bet you will have luck catchin the crappie no matter where u are! Happy Fishin!