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    Went to my little lake just down the road from me last night. Not even a bite. I don't know if I'm better suited for the river fishing which I enjoy so much more or what. Second time there, packed for bear, and not even a nibble. I think I need to research lake fishing from the members library. Do I fish deep like I do in the rivers, shallow where they might be lookin' for small fish,or in the weeds, or in the open? Guess we well keep experimenting.
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    I wouldn't give up, just change your presentation. In my favorite local lake, Sessions, I fish from shore in the shallows in the evening, a deeper spot surrounded by lots of shallow water, the fish move in there looking for a meal. If there are a lot of small bluegills in your lake, chances are they are dining on some of them, so try a bloodied up live one. If you want smaller fish (15"-24") to eat, set out a rig with Sonny's (or another stink bait) on a dip worm, they love that at Sessions. With a dip worm rig in the lake I don't even find a slip sinker is necessary because there is no current. But it all varies from place to place. There is a little private lake in Grandville that my friend's dad owns a house on, so I have access to it, and I know there are cats in there, I saw a nice one swim by the dock one evening. I tried the above methods many times and to date have only gotten one nibble. I switched to crawlers fished on the bottom, but the 13" jumbo perch wouldn't leave them alone :big_smile:.