Lake Allatoona Flatheads

Discussion in 'GEORGIA RIVERS TALK' started by Fishermancat1, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Fishermancat1

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    Cobb Co. Georgia
    Excluding the Etowah and coosa river has anybody caught flatheads out of Lake Allatoona impoundment.........Just curious thats all. Everytime i look up and research lake allatoona and flatheads there always refer me back to the rivers. So.....what the deal. Are they in the impoundment or what?
  2. Kentucky357

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    Covington, Georgia
    I fished the lake several times and have only caught channels & blues. Never caught a flatty there yet. Seems like if they are in the rivers feeding into the lake that they would be in the lake too???

  3. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio
    There was a post, I believe here on the new board where someone had caught two under 10#s there. He got them right off one of the old river beds. Still never heard of any Big Blues or Big Tabby Cats taken from there.

    I will be fishing one of the rivers in GA that feed the Coosa this summer to see if I can land a decent Blue from there and will report back.

    Yes that is a tough corner of the state other then the Coosa.