Lake Allatoona flathead catfish

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    Cobb Co. Georgia
    I know i keep asking about these catsfish. But i am determined to catch this catfish out of lake allatoona.My question is if there in the etowah river(north east of lake allatoona) they got to be in the lake right? I read a article that an adjacent flat near a main channel will produce flatheads during the night. I have found a place exactly like that. It is a rip rap cove area adjacent to the main channel.This spot has to produce if flatheads are in the lake right.

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    I truely hope you do, but even so I've heard theres never been many catches in Allattona of flatheads, and none that I've heard of over 9 or so pounds. Good luck with it- and ya ever wanna chase blues shoot me a pm, Im in your neck of the woods.

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    there are flatheads in the lake. but they are hard to find. if you go up the creeks in the summer you can catch them. ive caught several in little river and stamp creek but nothing over 25. you have amuch better chance up the etowah river.