Labadie Power Plant, Blue Catfish, Walleye, Striped Bass???

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    Fellow BOCers:

    First, I would like to thank everyone who posts for the incredible information on this board. It has been instrumental in helping me get my boat on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and hunting the all-too-elusive blue cat. I haven't sunk my boat yet and have landed about 6 blue cats (not to mention 1 million carp) to date. All the cats were rather big, so I could care less about the quantity. So, all in all, a success. I'm sorry I haven't posted much, but I figured folks wouldn't get a lot out of "I fished 4 hours with cut bait, no bites. I did take some asian carp in the head though." That seemed to be a recurring theme for 2006. Oh well, I hope to share some success stories in the future.

    Now, I would like to venture from the confluence up to the Labadie Power plant. I am assuming it's worth it to try a little something different. It would certainly be helpful is someone could give me an idea of where I can launch my boat?

    And any more tidbets on the striped bass or walleye would be appreciated as well. I know this is a catfishing board, but you guys are the ones on the river. I am intrigued with the variety.
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    Put in at MDC access at south end of Weldon Springs Wilderness Area off of 94 by Femme Osage or further south at Klondike Park MDC also off of 94 (closest but maybe too shallow).

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    Greg, from the confluence up to the Labadie Power plant is some of the best waters in the country for trophy blues. For ramps starting at the confluence there is the Columbia Bottoms Conservation area that is at the 3.6 mile marker on the St. Louis Co. side. My avatar is on the Columbia Bottoms ramp just prior to release. Next one up is the Blanchette Access in down town St. Charles at the 27.4 mile marker, this one can only be used when the St. Charles water level is at or above 7. Next one is the Weldon Springs Access at the 48.7 mile marker. Good ramp for anytime. Next one up is the Klondike Park ramp at the 56.3 mile marker. Never used it so can’t say anything about it other than it’s owned by the County of St. Charles and close to the 58 mile marker where the Labadie Power plant is located. Some like to go below the Alton Dam (#26) for access to the confluence area which is just a couple miles up the Mississippi from where the Missouri comes in, you’ll see some boats fishing below the dam trying for the next world record blue. This is where the last record came from. Can’t say anything about stipers, but do fish for walleye (like now thru Feb.) below the lock and dams of the Mississippi, mostly below the Clarksville Dam (#24). Hope this helps Greg.
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    Waters good right now. You should be okay. Anyone catching any blues at Labadie? Thanks!
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    Greg, Its about 54 miles from the ramp at Columbia Bottom to Labadie. There are several ramps between, but some are not accesible during low water. Right now I think St. Charles is ok and I know Weldon Springs is ok. Weldon Springs is about 9 miles down from Labadie. There is pretty good fishing through the whole stretch of river. I spend a lot of my fishing time in that area. Good luck. Bob

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    The Klondike Boat ramp is literally across the river from Labadie...however if the river level is down then launching a boat is virtually impossible!! I used to launch there in Washington all the time...from the washington ramp it is only about a fifteen to 20 minute boat ride...for me anyway, i have a 90 horse Yamaha on a 20ft SeaArk! I have heard of a lot of big fish coming out of there...never caught one there yet! the fish in my avatar was caught just up river from there on the back side of a dyke! Have fun and good luck
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    My friend Bob and I have used the Klondike Ramp 3 times in the past, couple of months, and we didnt have any problems. I was told that it is washed out at the end of the concrete, and make sure that your trailer wheels doin;t drop off the ramp. I would suggest that you use a pole of some sort , stand in the back of your boat and prob the bottom as someone backs you trailer down the ramp. If you feel the drop off befour your boat is for enough out in the water ( look to see how for you wheels are from the drop off ) if its to close doint take the chance go to another ramp. One guy pulled the axles off his trailer on this ramp.
    Hopes this helps and welcome I am also new to the BOC.
    Paul ( Olddriller ) Retired