L.E.D. Maglite?

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  1. s_man

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    south east ohio
    Has anyone bought one of these yet in 3 or 4 D-cell. I've seen them for 30 to 34 bucks. Just wondering how far out they will reach across the river. Or are they better suited for up close use like in a boat or around the campfire. I need another Mag but I don't want to be the guinea pig lol.

    RIVER-RAT Active Member

    MO / MT
    I can't speak on the mag lite...but I do have a little LED light that I use on the boat and I absolutely love it! Batteries last for ever and its nice and bright... another bonus it sets on my head therefore giving me both my hands! I love it....I have a giant spot light that I use when navigating up and down the river...I would definitly consider purchasing the mag lite...just to have around the house...those LED's are great in my opinion!

  3. Doyle

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    At Walmart, they sell upgrade kits for your mag. lite. This might be a way to go if you already have a light. They're not cheap thou.:smile2:
  4. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    Don't know about the big ones. I got the conversion kit for my baby Mag lite (2 AA batteries) and I'm happy with it. Good little lite for knots and such in the boat, and the batteries last a whole lot longer.
  5. StormCaster

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    New York
    For the weight gain of having a LED light there are better choices out there available. Streamlight has many rechargable lights that have 17,000 or more candle power.
  6. gofish

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    Greenville MS
    In my limited experience with LED lights, they are very bright up close and do not consume batteries quickly. However, I do not think you will have the reach (depth of field) with an LED that you would have with a halogen or krypton. Of course, these types require a lot more battery power and will not burn as long on a set.

    I had a Streamlight that ran on 3.2 volt batteries (@$10/pair) that was awesome. It had a burn time of 45 minutes on a set of batteries. I sold it after two sets of batteries. Great light but too rich for my blood.

    I now have two headsets that I use for most nighttime applications. One is LED only and the other has two different types of bulbs. It has one red LED, two white LEDs and one krypton bulb. For most applications, LEDs are great. For distance/navigation, IMO, they are not.
  7. catfishjohn

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    I know this was about an LED mag light but I have 3 older regular(bulb type) ones and for the ease of use & brightness I love this:
    I got an Energizer LED headlamp for Christmas.It has 3-4 settings and has 4 clear LEDs and 2 red LEDs.I've used it several times and the batteries,3 AAA are still good as new. I love it and it frees up your hand to hold your rod/bait/whatever. Its small and was only $12-15. Well worth it in my opinion!
  8. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    I have a 2d cell LED mag light, that I use at work and it works great. but most of the time I'm lighting up something that is relitivly close and not all the way across the room. Same set of batterys from Christmas, In My old mag light I would have burned through at least 3-4 sets by now.
  9. Paraguayguy

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    I bought the bulb at walmart and put it in my old Maglight two D Cell flashlight. Its bright as can be but doesn't shine out real far which is OK with me. I use my flashlight nightly while walking the dogs before bed to watch out for copperheads, keep track of the dogs, and keep from getting car hit. It shines plenty bright our to 20-30 yards or so. Since the bulb will outlast me, I figure I will save plenty on battery purchases. I think the bulb is supposed to last 16,000 hours or so.
  10. KingCatBrad

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    Duncan, Oklaho
    I Bought The Ugrade LED Bulb At Waly World For My 2D About 3 Months Ago And Love It. On The Lake I Can See The Shore And Structure Out About 50 Yards Away. I Can Light Up The Dam Out Over 100 Yards Away But Cant Make Any Thing Out. If A 2D Will Do That Than A 4D Should Be Alot Brighter IMO....
  11. malaki

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    Redmon Illinois
    i have a regular maglight and an led mag. the led out shines out reaches and the batteries last twice as long, well worth the extra money.
  12. rcneman

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    same experience for me, bought both types at the same time, the LED light is great! I put one in the boat and one in my truck, so that i'm not having to hunt one down..lol, i have a habit of misplacing things. :embarassed:

  13. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    I don't know about the Mag Light thing but I use a little "Brinkman" Head lamp and it had two white LEDs and 1 red LED and the batteries lasted about a year...maybe longer cause I can't remember when I last changed them so the Mag. "conversion" thingy might be worth it after all! Good luck too ya'
  14. Texoma Cat

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    I have a one of the maglite leds and i love it it reaches out there and doesn't hardly use any battery power. If i really need to see a long ways out there- I just use my coon hunting hat and rechargeable battery. Works well for me!
  15. JamisonM

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    South Carolina
    I can't believe I missed this thread. That may seem weird to some of you, but a while back and before Maglite switched to LEDs I really started searching for info about LED flashlights. There were companies selling LED flashlights years before Maglite ever did. There were also companies selling drop in LED bulb replacements during the same time period. All kinds of good stuff can be had if you’re looking for a good flashlight and do a bit a browsing around on the internet.
    Anyway, one thing I have to recommend to you guys is a lenses replacement. Depending on what you want out of your flashlight, you can leave it alone and keep the throw of your light or you can put in a special lenses and smooth the beam of your light out. It might not go quite as far, in fact, it might kill 25% of your lights throw, but that’s only because the light’s spread out more. Here’s the review of one of those lenses. I’ll post a mini review of mine latter to night for a measured distance to show you what I’m talking about.
  16. DM1975

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    Manhattan, Kansas
    I prefer LED flashlights. I use one of the cap lights that wal mart sells plus I have a few LED flashlights. I am kindof a flashlight geek. I have rechargeable maglights, rechargeable streamlights, a half a dozen surefires, and pentagon lights flashlights, not to mention the cheaper lights out there as well. I carry my Pentagon light with me in case I need a bright light and I use my LED lights at night for general use as they do not put out a hight level of light.

    The pentagon will reach out far and bright but it eats up 3 very expensive lithium batteries in just an hour. My LED lights have had the same batteries in them for two years now and I use them alot. My rechargeable light is good too but if I use it till it is almost out it takes too long to recharge. The only rechargeable light I still have is my maglight and a spotlight and that is it. I even plan on installing LED lights inside my boat, in the livewells, storage compartments, and in the hull.

    The LED lights I use are a two cell AA light I got in Iraq and a four cell AAA from wal mart. Also the caplights that Wal Mart sells. The cap light is absolutely great.
  17. TnShooter

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    E. Tennessee
    No help on Mag light but I bought a
    Led-Lenser V6 Power Chip Led light
    at the local Gun Show it Stainless Steel and I
    love it.
  18. JamisonM

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    South Carolina
    Not really a review, but a comparison. The first photo is at the tool shed from 30 feet away with the stock maglite lenses and with it set to a narrow focus.
    The second photo is at the same place from the same distance and same focus, but with the LDF lense from flashlightlens.com.
    As you can see not as bright, but the light it puts out is, even in narrow focus, is wider and cleaner. If you're not trying to look at things from a great distance, I think this is an excellent upgrade. I think it should also be mentioned that this was my first time taking pictures at night and that it wasn't totally dark. The bit of orange you see in the photos are from a street lamp about 30 yards away. There was also several other street lights further away behind my neighbors homes.