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    I was sitting around in the shop today waiting on some parts to get there to finish my car. I happened to look over into the "fabricating" area of the shop, and saw some steel tubing and steel rebar just laying in the corner begging for something to be created. Once i saw the materials, it took a whole 3 minutes to figure out what i was going to do with it.

    I put the rebar in a vise, chopped it down to about 20" long pieces. Then grabbed the steel tubing, cut off a few pieces about 3" long. Now I had my rough materials.

    I then put the rebar back into the vise, with about 3-4" hanging out one end. I heated the rebar material with a cutting torch, then bent it with a pipe wrench to approx. a 45 degree angle. After it cooled down for a few minutes on the floor, i then took a piece of the steel tubing and welded it to the angled end of the rebar.

    I havent had the chance to try these out yet, but dont see anything that could be a problem.

    Materials used:
    5/8" steel rebar cut about 20" long
    2" steel pipe with 1/8" wall thickness cut about 3" long
    Horizontal Band saw
    Bench vise
    pipe wrench, or something else to bend the hot metal with
    Mig welder

    I made three of these at the same time, and it took me about 30 minutes.
    Im thinking that i may spraypaint the end of these with a bright color to help with visibility in the dark.