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  1. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    quick question I was curious if someone from KY could answer for me. How may hooks can you use on one pole (rod and reel) in the state of Ky?? This question pertains to the Ohio River...

    Thanks all..
  2. johndeere nut

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    oldham county,kentucky
    dont know on hooks but i know there is no limit on poles per person i wouldnt think there would be a limit on hooks i do know there is a limit on trot lines i think 50 not quite sure but i know there is a limit.dont know if it carrys to rod and reel i hear of people using 2-3 hooks so i know thats legal

  3. lance

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    No where in the regulations about number of hooks on rod and reel or number of rod and reels if you have 300 rod and reels and 900 hooks it would still be LEGAL ! Now....50 jugs per boat 1 hook per jug , OR 25 limblines (I beleive ) 1 hook OR 2 trotlines 50 hooks a peice . Can fish rod and reel and 1 of theese other methods . But CANNOT mix jugs,limblines and trots in ANY combination or number of hooks .In other words for example Can't run 25 jugs and 25 limblines .