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    OK this is from the 10/30/05 Louisville Courier Journal. The KDFWR contracted with Cornell University for a random survey of 360 landowners and 3240 hunters.

    THis is a quick rundown of the summary of whether to allow xbows alongside compound bows and recurve bows etc....

    The landowner opinion was 58.7% approval of allowing xbows into archery season for deer. 23.8 against and 17.6 had no opinion.

    The hunter opinion on expanding xbow season for deer to run concurrently with archery season is 63% for, 25.3% against and 11.7% no opinion.

    They also did a survey for allowing xbows for turkey through archery season and the results were very similar for hunters and landowners alike.

    Of landowners that opposed xbows, about 25% thought xbows were unsafe. Of the hunters that opposed xbows about 35% thought xbows are not bows.

    It goes on to say the Cornell report showed the majority of hunters and landowners would support xbows. The two main arguments against xbows were the fear of an influx of non-res hunters who would target bucks, and the demise of the state's tradition of bowhunting.