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Ky Bowhunting

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Only a couple of weeks to go untill showtime BABY! Sept 3 is opening day! YIPEE! :thumbsup:
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good luck out there, hope you get a big buck, and always, be safe
:grin-big: Wow
I'm ready here in missouri. Stands are ready for Sept 15th. I hope it stays cool. Right now it's 74 degrees. I don't think that will last tho. Been seening some great deer these last few weeks in the beans...160-170 class, I hope they stay around.
I cant wait till sept. 3 either but if it doesn't cool down I dont know if I'll be out there.
You can bet if the temps stay up I won't be hanging out too much either. Lucky for me I can hunt my own place so I can process em pretty quick.
JDM, with the weather turning cooler at night and early morning, have you had the opportunity to get out?
No I haven't gotten out yet. Well actually I went out with a friend but I didn't take my bow had some does to far to shoot but had a fawn walk within 10yds and graze then walked off. I don't know when I will be able to get out my freezer still has meat from last year.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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