Kokosing River Flatheads?

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by BigKatWilly, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. BigKatWilly

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    Anyone have any luck in the Kokosing river for flatheads or channels? With gas so high I need to start going fishing closer to home! lol

    Fish On!
    BKW :D
  2. Baitkiller

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    Tell me about the price of gas Will. I to am taking a look at more local waters fer Flatheads with zip, zero so far! @ +$25.00 :eek: to get to the Ohio River per trip I wish Ohio had better resourses! :cursing:


  3. rcbbracing

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    I didnt believe it myself. I heard there are flatheads in the kokosing...actually good sized ones too. I heard most are just two or three pounds but up in the thirties too! i dunno but i guarentee im gonna give it a shot...anyone wanna tage alone?
  4. katkiller77

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    dayton ohio
    I am fortunate to have the great miami it is a blessing for me it is close bye
  5. snakedog

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    What about the Muskingum or the Scioto or the Olentangy (the Old-n-Dingy as we used to call it)? I realize there's not much big water near Mansfield, but Ohio does indeed have great resources. I live farther down the Big Miami (much farther, near its end) and saw one guy nail a 30-lb'er last October at the mouth of the Whitewater. And there's the Ohio, only blocks from where I sit, though I'm leery of fishing around downtown Cincy in the middle of the night.

    Speaking of the Whitewater, that has to be Indiana's best-kept secret. I took off half a day yesterday to check out a client's new acquisition: 25 acres or so of land on which are three old pay lakes. Didn't have any luck aside from a pecker bass (took a couple of rigs), but I met one of the neighbors who fishes a lot. Channel cats are hitting on the WW right now. Mike, the neighbor, has a buddy who 'noodles' the Whitewater, probably for both flatheads and turtles. I've heard two reliable accounts of 30-pounders coming out of there.

    I've fished the Whitewater for years for bass, both smallies and stripers, and have set my sights on catfishing this year. I'm getting older and am looking for something more sedate than wading a mile or two up and down a river.
  6. smokey869

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    there has to be some flats in there, i have caught them in the spillway from knox lake before and that flows into the kokosing river, biggest was about 12-13 lbs, and there are nice channels in there, if you are in mansfield i would try charles mill or pleasant hill , lot better chances of a 30 plus in there but its ok for channels
  7. Netmanjack

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    Lol. Will's Question was posted in 2005! man are you guys late with the advice. I'm glad he wasn't asking for food, he would have starved to death! ....roflmao..:crazy::eek:oooh::smile2::smile2::smile2::wink: