Known currents and depths.

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    I read of folk anchoring and fishing many places.I do wonder about the depths and current speeds.I never knew the current speeds of most places that I fished.

    For those of you who do fish in waters where it is known,could you give us the Min.,Max.,and average speeds and depths?I do believe it would be beneficial and a surprise to many.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Here's something I found in a study of the upper Mississippi River:
    "Current speed in the main channel measures 1 to 2 mph at normal water stage; up to 6 in high water."

    I normally fish the Arkansas River in central Arkansas, and although I've never measured it, I'd guess that its speed is pretty close to the same. At normal speed, my jugs will float downriver at about a mile an hour, or maybe a little more. The Corps of Engineers is required to maintain a channel at least 9' in depth, but the minimum is generally more like 11'-12'; I know of holes 30'-35' deep in the river. Of course, the deepest parts of spots like Lake Dardanelle are a lot deeper than that.