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    Everything that goes into our storm drains - fertilizer, pet waste, pesticides, motor oil - makes its way straight to our streams. And to where we fish. Find out more.
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    Was watching a article on rfd-tv or the discovery channel the other night and they was talking about the delta in Louisiana and all the damage that comes from the north. Since most of the rivers link up to the Mississippi it gets the brunt of it but damage is done to the creeks and rivers before it get to it. Good article. Has to do with fertilizers, septics leaking, oil or petroleum products getting washed off highways into ditches then leeching into water systems and just general trash and litter and factories dumping into river systems. The world is killing itself and if something isn't done.....well you know the rest of the story.

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    When I lived in the city of New Orleans we always drank and cooked with bottled water. The only thing we used tap water for was to flush the commode and showers.
    The water in the lower Mississippi has been through every sink, sewer and toilet from Wisconsin to the Gulf. And that does not even begin to account for the pesticides and mercury along the way.