Know any serious Off-Roaders?

Discussion in '4X4 Truck Talk and Repairs' started by GMC FishHauler, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. GMC FishHauler

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    If you do, I have been talkin to a guy from KC that will really work with you guys on some great lights.
    He really helped me out with the sets that I have.
    I also was wondering what you guys use for lighting?
    I used the Pro Comp for awhile, now into HID lights. I have really been sold on these.

    Dont take this wrong, guys. I am not advertising for this guy, he was just really helpful and knowledgable about his products. I just wanted to pass on the guys name to anyone really into off-roading. I figure my brothers on here can always use good info on anything and everything so this would be the guy to talk to.
    PM me if you want his info.
  2. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    Might have to give you a holler back later when I have some extra cash.I been wanting 2 forward facing KC's and 2 rear facing KC's

  3. biga

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    i dont do much 4wheelin at night so i dont run any extra lights... i would have to mount them inside to keep them from getting bashed off by a rock of tree....:smile2:
  4. chris_ce

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    I just use the cheap ones. After all your not going to fast at night and they are cheap when you bash them off of a tree.
    I am running 2 6" pilots well just one now but they worked good until I bashed them. Maybe now with my new stinger I won't need to replace anymore lights. For the rear I recessed a set of cheap rectangular ones into the rear hatch of my Cherokee.