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    The age old question, should I change my line before the coming season?
    And the 2nd one, what's the best knot to use. Well, now's a good time to answer both questions. Get your rod and peel off about 5 feet of line. Cut it in half and tie your knot of preference to each end of a swivel. Wrap one end of the line around the center of a large nail, (landscape spike, gutter spike) dowel rod etc......and stand on it. Wrap the other end around another large nail, dowel rod etc.......
    Put on a pair of gloves and pull. See what gives first, your line, your knot, your swivel or none of the above.
    I suggest the gloves because when your line snaps, you might get it across the knuckles. Don't sound like much, but the swivel drew blood on me. Twice no less.
    If your line snaps easily, replace it. If your knot gives out, switch knots. If your swivel blows out, keep the line, keep the knot, buy heavier duty swivels. If the nail breaks, let me know what type line, knots and swivels you use.

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    Sounds like a good way to check your line. I just go ahead and put fresh line on each season. I would hate to lose a big one because my old line popped.