Knockin' them dead in Oklahoma!!!!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by jlingle, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Altus, Okl
    The last 3 times I've been out on my local lake here in SW Oklahoma, I've caught tons of channel cats. It's blazing hot here during the day, with temps reaching over 100 degrees daily, but when the sun goes down the cats turn on! I've been catching them on whole shad, cut shad, and cut carp. This evening I took my dad and my 4 year old son out and we weren't doing much until the sun dropped behind the hills.... then wham!! All Houston broke loose. We were trying to fish with 4 poles, but they were biting so fast that we ended up missing quite a few. We still managed to catch probably 20 or so in the last 45 minutes of twilight. We didn't bring the lantern, so we had to leave while they were still biting, bummer!!! I caught 3 while dad walked up to get the truck. It was that kind of night. My little boy was jumping up and down and having a big ol' time. I let him reel in 4 or 5. You should've seen the smile on his face. The last time I handed him the pole he grabbed it away from me and hollered "Watch out!" He then went to cranking in a 4 pound channel. 4lbs was about the biggest we caught, but they were all good eatin' sized channels. We dont' keep them very often, only when someone wants us to keep them for a fish fry or for stocking one of our ponds. We threw them all back tonight, but we had a great time.
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    yea... dawn or dust... seems like when they bite... it reached 103 today =/ ... its hot... channel are good eating

    thanks for sharing..