Knife River channels

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    I made my first catfishing trip of the year with my wife to the Knife River by Stanton on May 8th. We launched our little 12-foot boat and 6 hp evinrude at the city park & headed to our favorite hole. Weather was calm and cool, and slightly overcast. Water temp was cool (problably in low-mid 50's). Tried our little honey hole first. It's a river-bend with some high cut-banks and a little sand-bar island adjacent to it. About 9 feet max. depth. Tried cut-pieces of raw shrimp. No bites. A canada goose nesting on the sandbar kept razzing us so we left it alone. Fished 3 more holes and managed 5 channels between 1 and 1 1/2 lbs. All and all not too bad of a 1st time out.