Kiskiminetas River

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    Just wanted to know if there are any cats in the kiski, I'm looking for a place to take my 8 year old son, we will be fishing from shore.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Randy - Welcome to the B.O.C.! :0a25: :0a23: Its funny that you should mention the Kiski! I was just thinking I would love to spend a evening/night on the lower end to see what I could catch. A few years back when I had my previous boat I would launch on the Allegheny at Freeport and head up into the Kiski. You can go maybe about a mile or so till you hit a shallow stretch where a motor wont make it. That lower end has some nice spots where I caught some decent Channel Cats. You can bet the Flatheads are up in this lower stretch as they would come up from the Allegheny and the water has enough depth. Now as far as further upstream goes I couldn't tell you from experience but there would have to be at least Channel Cats upstream. Now as far as spots to fish from shore goes your on your own as I never fished from shore!

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    Just wanted to let ya know I fish the kiski river almost every night, right at the leechburg firehall at the bottom of first street where the boat launch is. We catch cats there every night. check the pics in my folder all the big cat pics are from down there. I just live a block away from there. It would be a great place to take your son. we catch all species of cats there ranging from 10" - 35", walleye, sheephead, carp, trout, bass, and even a longnose gar was caught up there. Hope to see you and your son there sometime. Good Luck!