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    I'm planning a trip to Kinston early next week from Raleigh. The plan is to go to Neuse Sport Shop and find out where to put in and all that. I just have a few pretrip questions. What is the best bait as well as presentation (rig), etc? I am also curious if there if any camping in the area where I could tie off my boat and set up....cheaper than a hotel room. I'm also wondering how this weekends tournament might affect the fishing in the days to follow. I am new to river fishing being from Raleigh, but want to catch some decent sized fish for a change. I figured Kinston may be my best option that is somewhat close to home. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Some of the biggest flatheads I've ever caught were caught within the Raleigh city limits on the Neuse river. Numerous fish from 20-40+ pounds still swim those waters.:lol:

    I dont think Danny Joe's tournament will effect the fishing. Weather plays alot bigger factor.
    Like last night. We raced to the river trying to beat a front because we knew right before a front we would hook into some decent fishing.
    By the time we got got set up the front nailed us. What started out as bites going on quickly turned into lockjaw and light taps on the bait throughout the night. they wouldnt take it except for a ten pound blue about 1AM that probally didnt catch the 6PM news.

    When the water starts rising on the Neuse the bite usually turns on.
    When it gets high, I've never had much luck.
    Right now the river looks real good where I was last night.

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