Kingston and other Steam Plants

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    A few days ago I heard Kingston isn't discharging hot water. I've not worked for TVA in several years and am not familiar with their procedures now. But to my understanding, at Kingston they're burning gas and not coal. If they burn gas, there's no hot water discharge, so it will not help the fishing. Bull Run Steam Plant was putting out a lot of smoke yesterday afternoon, so they're probably burning coal, which should help the fishing. Don't know much about John Sevier Steam Plant, so if I was gonna catch skippies or go fishing for other species, Bull Run might be better now. Their water temp was 50 a few days ago. That's one hell of a fishing hole, but beware of the TVA Police. They're just doing their job, but they'll write you up for trespassing, even in boats if you get on some of their restricted areas. Even if you're in a boat and step on land to retrieve a snagged lure or bait from a tree, the TVA Police will write you up anyway and even make you stay on land and not even allow you to get back into the boat. What ticks me off is they don't even have NO TRESPASSING signs.
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    Gallatin steam plant still uses coal.