kingman state lake?

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    hey brothers and sisters i was just wondering if any of you are familiar with kingman lake? if so have you ever caught any big channels out of it i lived in kingman the past 3 years til last november than i moved back to hutch and i fished that lake all the time the biggest i ever caught out of there is 10lbs they are constantly draining the lake not to sure why it is over grown with moss and lilly pads i did catch alot of large mouth bass out of it fishing for channels and alot of people in the town say it does not hold any flathead its feed by a spring at the far west rock jetti thats where i always caught mine at it also has some big northern pike in it i seen a guy caych a 49 inch pike out of there one day it was hugh but never seen any big cats..its a real good place to throw for bait if your ever down that way any input is appreciated....thanx
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    greatbend kansas
    the last time i fishe a small state lake that had alot of moss i usedsalamanders and caught big channels when everyone else was catching little ones at night also caught alot on cut perch

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    :sad2: I fished the lake on the S.E. end and all I got was MOSS, MOSS, and undergrowth that snagged too many times for me. There are probably some good keepers there, but I've just never had any good luck at it. Sure wished I could have given you some better news.