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Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by russ, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. russ

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    dexter. mo
    OK guys and gals its time for the king-kat tourney at new Madrid mo. this is one of the largest events of the yr. not only the fishing, there is so many things going on the weekend of the tourney, kids fishing. and things for everyone to do. other than stand a round waiting for me to come in with a boat load of fish ( lol ) when i say the hole town comes out for this is a under statement its more like every town around comes out for it. its just a couple hrs. away form stl. so i hope to see a lot of boats from up that way. like i said , this tourney is more like a festival so much for the hole family to do while were out chasing the hawgs.
  2. Cuz

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    DeSoto, MO
    I can vouch. Those folks come out of the woodwork for this event. Well be there Russ

  3. Steve Douglas

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    im looking forward to this tourny! i learned a lil about the mississippi river in crystal city, alil to late! hopefully it will pay off for me, in new madrid!
    see everone there!

    steve douglas