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kinda jealous

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the more i read the more i get jealous of the northern rivers, with there monster blues, and flatheads, but i guess i should just be happy they finally made it here, now its just a matter of time before ours grow into monsters..
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well, i went to yellow river last night, for about 5 hours, i went bluegill fishing first got about 20 of them, then hitt the flathead holes, with no luck had one on, but some how he managed to slip the hook, while i was burning time waiting on the flatheads i had a few small pole out with worm balls trying for channel cats, and only landed one hybrid channel blue about 3 lbs and a small blue,kinda discouraged me
lol, gave him some jewelry to take back huh,,yea i dont know what it was because there was three of us in the boat with, 4-5 rods out a piece, live blue gills and worms, with barley any thing, must have been that big ol moon. kinda discouraging
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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