khale hooks, and bluegill

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  1. slikk03

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    i use three to 5 inch bluegill explain how to hook a bluegill with a kael hook and is a 7/0 big enoghf for the job or do i need bigger i like using my clikers so im done with circal hooks for flatheads
  2. DIESELkat

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    I hook my gills about halfway between the butt and the tail, just far enough up into the meat so the hook wont pull out. 7/0 should do just fine.

  3. rockfordflathunter

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    I like to hook them right under the back of dorsal fin but i leave my reels engaged just a preferance.
  4. peewee williams

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    In still water I normally hook my live bait fish like Justin.In moving or fast water,I go in the mouth up and out the bony part at or slightly behind the little nostril like holes with live or dead bait.This keeps the live bait pointed upstream with the current and also the dead bait more natural.I think this often keeps the bait alive longer and pulls off the hook less live or dead.The size of my bait decides my hook size.

    I learned many years ago while Crappie and Chain Pickerel fishing with live bait that the fish seem to prefer the bait hooked one way one time and the other way at other times.Now this is in still water.It makes no sense to me,but it does seem to be this way with Cat or other fish too in still water.I always go by the nose in moving water.

    I and others I know have also used # 8 kayle hooks successfully for Bluegill and other Bream for some years now.They also work great for small Bullheads which are often excellent bait.You can order your small bait hooks of choice by the thousand much cheaper and if a live bait does happen to swallow the hook,just cut the line and the bait normally lives fine whether fresh or saltwater bait fish.

    All of this also worked great with the tides in fresh tide water,brackish water,saltwater inshore and offshore fishing.I just went with the tide stages and how the fish seemed to prefer the bait hooked.

    Fish are often as weird as us fishermen in their preferred bait presentation whether it is a Catfish in a pond,a Flounder on a flat or a Barracuda under a Tower.What works great now may be useless a hour from now.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    i hook them through the eyes.