Keystone Lake

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    My wife and I fished Keystone today , we got there at about 9am it was real slow didnt even get a bite until 12 caught 5 blues (smallest was 4lbs largest 6.5lbs) from 12 to abouyt 2:30 and nothing else the rest of the day left at dark. It was a nice day to be fishing but still pretty slow
    there was alot of shad I mean alot they were every where I have never seen so many bait fish of all sizes in that area (cowskin bay ) I was wondering if that could be the reason for the slow fishing ???
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    Chris, it could very well be why it was slow. Also, rumor has it that the fish have a tendancy to head up river around this time and come back late Nov early Dec. One guide in particular has been complaining of late that he didn't go ahead and get a jet motor so he could go on up the river.

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    I think Tony is right. It seems to me that as the surface temps drop the cats run upstream into more stable and consistent water temps. As the temps stabalize they eventually return to their old haunts. Just my opinion!!